Help us help you. Consider assigning Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record

Your organization can benefit from adding Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record.

The days of hardware/software “transactional” partners are coming to a screeching halt. Quite frankly, your business deserves more out of their Microsoft Partner. The Partner of Record you choose for your Microsoft subscriptions should provide tangible value to your organization, which at the end of the day means saving you money and helping your business become more agile, robust and efficient.  That’s why we became a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

Selecting a Partner of Record for your subscription costs you nothing!
It is all upside with no risk to your business.

We highly encourage you to base your decision to designate a Partner of Record on the overall “value” that a partner provides.

Selecting Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) provides us with access to usage and consumption data, which allows the us to better serve you and help you perfect your use of Microsoft services for your desired business outcome. It also assists us towards finding relevant Microsoft and 3rd party incentives which can be a real financial bonus to you.

Guide to setting Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record for Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, and Enterprise Mobility Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Digital Partner of Record?
The Digital Partner of Record for an Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, or Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription is the partner who is helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage a solution that they’ve built on the service. It is not the partner who sold the subscription.

What are the benefits of becoming a Digital Partner of Record?
Partners benefit because it enables them to qualify for Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) cloud competencies and enable reporting that provides a single view into the revenue, usage, and consumption driven by you at your customers. This insight can also be leveraged by partners for cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and allows partners to proactively engage customers at risk for non-renewal.

Customers benefit because it provides the partner access to usage and consumption data, so they can provide better service and help customers optimize their usage for their desired business outcomes.

Who can attach a Digital Partner of Record?
The administrator role, also known as the owner, is the only role within the customer’s tenant or account that can attach a Digital Partner of Record. Service admins, co-admins, and partners designated as delegated admins do not have the ability to change the Partner of Record.

When should a Partner of Record be added to a for Office 365, CRM Online, Intune or EMS subscription?
Microsoft recommends a Digital Partner of Record be assigned to subscriptions right away. Digital Partners of Record can also be assigned for Azure subscriptions in the admin portal for that service.

Customers should follow these step-by-step instructions to add a Digital Partner of Record to their subscription.

  1. Go to the Office Customer Portal at
  2. Log into their account using their user name and password.
  3. In the left navigation pane, select Billing, then Subscriptions.
  4. Select their subscription and click on More actions in the bottom right corner under the price per user/month.
  5. In the More actions drop down menu,click on Add Partner of Record. This is where they will attach their Partner of Record.
  6. Ensure the customer has your Microsoft Partner ID so they can input it for Digital Partner of Record.
  7. Click Check ID to see the name of the partner. Verify they have selected the correct partner, and click Submit to complete assigning their Partner of Record. Green IT’s ID is 2932684.
  8. After you assign Green IT as your Partner of Record, they will receive an email notification that lets them know that they have been assigned as your Digital Partner of Record.

To change or remove your Partner of Record

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 outlined above.
  2. In the More actions drop down menu, click on Edit Partner of Record.
  3. On the Partner information local pane, the Partner of Record ID assigned to the subscription will be shown. Click the “X” inside of the field to remove it.
  4. Click Submit. The Partner of Record has now been removed for this account and the subscription no longer has a Partner of Record.

Evaluating Office 365

We can help with evaluating Office 365, performing a Office 365 Proof of Concept or Office 365 Pilot. We also assist with selecting the best subscription program for Office 365 or licensing vehicle if you already have a Microsoft volume licensing agreement. Let us do the legwork to perform the TCO/ROI analysis that your organization will need when evaluating a move to the cloud.

Deploying Office 365

We help determine the best way to deploy Office 365: by performing an Office 365 Proof-of-Concept or standing up a free-trial. Our certified engineers assist with all phases of the migration cycle, from planning to deployment. Whether it is developing a migration strategy for your IT team to deploy, or performing the migration remotely, or on-Green IT’s engineering team has the necessary expertise and experience.

Post-Sales Support for Office 365

Once you are an Office 365 customer, Green IT’s services continue to be available to you. We offer training webinars on Office 365 for admins and end-users, customized to your business’ needs. We also help set up the initial SharePoint sites within Office 365 at no additional cost. And throughout the experience, Green IT’s Help Desk subscription can offer 24×7 support on Office 365 for technical challenges, trouble-shooting, product assistance, or provisioning support.

How does Green IT being a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) benefit our customers?

Customers can more easily purchase partner tools, products, and/or services with their subscription in one predictable monthly bill. Beyond the inherent benefits of the cloud, our customers will have more frequent partner interactions which can serve to deepen the relationship. Studies show that 67% of customers expect to purchase a wide variety of cloud services from a single vendor and 84% of customers want an established relationship with a vendor to trust them as their Cloud Service Provider*.

For additional support:

If you have any problems or questions about this process and the ability to assign, maintain, and change and remove a Partner of Record, click Support on the left navigation pane of the Office 365 admin center to get access to Technical and Billing support and to find support options and recommendations.

For other questions please contact Green IT at (425) 242-3378 or write to .

*IDC Successful Cloud Partners 2013, IDC Buying Into the Cloud 2014, 2014 Forrester TRUE Brand compass

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