Are you setting up a new small business?

Are you looking for a turn-key solution that get’s your new business IT needs set up quickly, with an Information Technology road map for short, medium, and long term success?

You need expertise in the industry to help you avoid hurdles and tackle objections and problems that may arise.

Do you want Centralized IT Management, cloud backup, compliance, reporting, business intelligence, scalability, and adoption metrics for your new business system?

What are the business challenges and needs our solution solves?

  • provides a project plan tailored to your needs to set up you business
  • provides scheduling estimates and an order of operations to streamline processes
  • provides email and document templates to invite customers to use your new company / firm.
  • provides an announcement campaign announcing the new business to perspective clients
  • provides a new public facing website
  • enables Microsoft 365
    • Office
    • DNS
    • Security
    • Telephones
    • SharePoint / Document Management
    • Document migration planning
    • Cloud migration planning and activities
    • set up of business taxonomies
      • workflows
      • forms
    • Business ready hardware infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Obtaining capital if needed to set up your new business’s IT needs


What are the benefits to our solution?

  • Access to Microsoft Financing
  • Templates to review likely tasks, schedules, and costs which they may incur.
  • Ready to go turnkey solution with known partners and subcontractors to quickly set up the organization
  • Details of costs and options for cost cutting
  • Immediate ability to have business continuity for customers who may be separating from a previous firm
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans to tackle public facing change management
  • Training for staff


What does our solution do?

  • Provides a template for operational deployment
  • Provides a template for cost planning
  • Stands up the new business from an Information Technology perspective
  • Migration of content from a previous business
  • Technical and access to Legal Consulting


What are the features that solve these challenges?

  • We utilize top industry solutions to set up a business from a technology perspective
  • Industry best practices
  • Technology roadmap delivered
  • Security and Compliance (GDPR, HIPPA, FISMA, FERPA, & more)  needs are fully met
  • Cloud based solution
  • Integrated content management, telephony and workflow solutions.


What benefits are our customers typically looking for?

  • Comprehensive plan of activities to set the business up from a technology perspective
  • Legal expertise and guidance from lawyers with experience
  • Reduced time to operational status
  • Migration of existing content
  • Marketing program to inform their customers of the new business
  • On-boarding process for existing customers
  • On-boarding process for staff
  • Set up of needed accounts from known vendors
    • assistance with setting up needed subscriptions
  • Set up of disaster recovery and redundant solutions.

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