Higher Education migrations to the cloud.

A local university recently contacted Green IT regarding transforming their current file server driven document management towards a modern solution. This particular organization has a licensing agreement already in place with Microsoft thus its high time to realize the value of that investment.

Tom is an IT Administrator working a several hundred employee top-ranked university in Washington State. The organization has been using a file server based on-premises for their document storage. Tom is pretty confident in his overall SharePoint skills but doesn’t have a lot of time to quickly ramp up on advanced solutions or sudden the challenges that have come up. A long time client of ours, Tom contacted Green IT last year and purchased a pre-paid set of hours for a Solution Architect to create a pilot project for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and a Migration proof-of-concept to show his executive a path forward using the Microsoft Technologies they were licensed for.  Over the few weeks, he has relied on Green IT to get quick answers, a working proof of concept across these new technologies, professional guidance, and the industries best practices to ensure that solutions he intends to puts into production will be supported and work for his company the first time, and every time thereafter. Tom is looking to scale out his on-premises environment into an Office 365 hybrid solution and he’s recently attended training for Microsoft Teams with his organization while working on Deployment Planning Sessions with Green IT.

Intranet Site Demo

Stay tuned as we add add additional content about about how this organization will push forward with updates to Active Directory, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

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When our customers need our support, they’ll typically just phone, instant message (Skype / Teams) or shoot out an email. We work hard to be a seamless member of our customers team, We are typically able to respond to questions, comments, and concerns right away. As far as we’re concerned, there are no dumb/bad questions. You hire us to give you answers, advice, and training – we’re very happy to do it.

  • As a SharePoint / Office 365 expert for over 19 years, I’ve talked with hundreds of small business owners, department heads, CEOs and CFOs, as well as IT managers. They all have the same thing to say: setting up a SharePoint or Teams communications environment can make a grown person weep. The point is, Green IT has helped businesses, governments, schools, and nonprofits located around the world to unlock the power of the SharePoint, Office 365, SQL, Project Server, and Azure platforms. We can help you too.
  • Our work is done often done virtually and remotely, across multiple time zones, using the functionality included within Office 365 and related products to create simple solutions and easy-to-use interfaces that solve critical business problems. If you do need us to be onsite for things, that’s generally not a problem. We do love to meet our customers face to face as needed.

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