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Power BI Training Workshop and Active Mentoring

Price: $10,000.00

Program designed by Treb Gatte, Microsoft MVP

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview
    2. Power BI Overview
  2. The Design Process
    1. Conversation-centric design process
    2. Analyzing the request
    3. Capturing the end user terminology
    4. Defining the questions
    5. Outlining the answers
    6. Finding the data
  3. Bringing the Data Together
    1. Connecting to Excel data
    2. Connecting to Office 365 data
    3. Key Data patterns
      1. Star schema
      2. Snowflake schema
    4. Create a basic model
  4. Transforming Data
    1. Power Query Basics and DAX basics
    2. Merging basics
    3. Classifying Data
    4. Extending the data model with custom columns, measures, and tables
  5. Creating Reports and Dashboards
    1. Visual Design basics and best practices
    2. Wireframing toolkit basics
    3. Create a Basic Report
    4. Review Virtualization Types and when to use each
    5. Design considerations for Mobile Access
    6. Design Considerations for Power Q7A
    7. Reports vs. Dashboards
    8. Creating Reports
    9. Creating Dashboards
    10. Testing your dashboards in web and mobile experiences
    11. Publishing to
    12. Testing Power Q&A
  6. Advanced Features
    1. Advanced Data Transformations
    2. Creating Applications
    3. Custom Visuals
    4. Gateways for On-Premises Data
    5. Change Management Recommendations
  7. New Impacts by Power BI
    1. Discuss Business Intelligence as a strategic capability
    2. Discuss how Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence is creating Collaborative Intelligence
    3. Discuss the new wave of data coming via products like Project Cortex
    4. Discuss how BI and AI can create new strategic and revenue opportunities

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