Microsoft proof points for manufacturing

This infographic introduces the unique features that set Microsoft apart, including the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, leadership in hybrid cloud solutions, and being on the leading edge of technological development. Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of partners and is the industry leader in IoT solutions.

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Why do you use Azure?

In this video, hear from executives about why they chose Microsoft solutions like Azure IoT. Microsoft is scalable, meets security requirements, and provides special features to help businesses stay ahead of the rapid pace of manufacturing innovation.

The Future of Manufacturing: A Blueprint for an Intelligent Supply Chain

Read this report from PSFK to discover ways to maximize your success with digital transformation. You’ll see how intelligent business applications can help you create autonomous supply chains and explore ways to prepare for the future, such as building a more skilled workforce and prioritizing sustainable practices.

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Security Power

Securing your systems with a data driven, human guided security approach allows you to detect and respond to attacks more quickly and accurately. This infographic outlines how the global network of real time threat intelligence from Microsoft continues to evolve, anticipate, and stay ahead of risks.

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BP deploys Microsoft 365 to improve user experience and security

Every day, BP manages the difficult business of finding, producing, marketing, and moving energy around the globe. Core to success is the modernization and digitization of the business, while being able to defend a vast digital perimeter against cyberattacks. This video shows how BP is migrating its work environment to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 to take advantage of a platform approach.

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Creators wanted to manufacture a resilient and sustainable future

This blog explains Microsoft’s commitment to the #CreatorsWanted movement, which seeks to fill the skills gap and inspire a diverse workforce with intelligent and data-driven manufacturing. Learn about the practical ways Microsoft supports responsible and sustainable manufacturing in their mission to empower people to achieve more.

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Leverage the cloud to connect, automate, and gain an end-to-end view of your supply chain and your business

To quickly respond to changes in environment, customer preferences, competitive forces, or unforeseen crises, manufacturers must embrace technologies that deliver supply chain agility. This infographic explains the Microsoft solution, the technologies involved, and the benefits they provide.

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Security beyond Microsoft products

With Microsoft, security can be simple once again. Microsoft 365 provides an intelligent security hub that works seamlessly across platforms, going far beyond Microsoft—to Linux and Mac, to AWS and beyond, so you can manage mission critical workloads with the right tools at your fingertips. Watch the video to learn more.

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