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It’s amazing to think about all the technological improvements businesses have seen introduced and advanced over the past several decades. One area where businesses of all sizes have seen the largest benefit is with cloud computing. While there are loads of providers on the market, few are able to offer an end-to-end cloud solution with the unique feature set of Office 365.

In this article we’ll highlight of few of the different ways that your team can use Office 365 to make life at work much easier.

1. Collaboration

Office 365 is built on a need for growing companies to collaborate with internal and external associates. With Office 365, employees can share documents with others through OneDrive, video chat with potential clients through Skype and chat with internal employees using Yammer, all while being able to use the Office products that they’re already accustomed to.

2. Document Version Control

Unless there is a specific process in place, allowing multiple people to have access to the same document can become quite messy. Office 365 offers robust co-authoring capabilities allowing users to not only control how different users are able to simultaneously edit a document, but also who has final control over those edits. The following applications offer support for co-authoring:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • OneNote

Aside from the benefits of multiple people being able to edit a document simultaneously, Office 365 also keeps copies of all document changes in case data is lost or if your team wants to refer back to a previous document version.

3. Office Online

With your Office 365 subscription you’ll also have access to Office Online, which is Microsoft’s online version of their popular Office applications. Office 365 allows your team the ability to co-author and collaborate across all types of mobile devices. Office Online offers full support for tablets and smartphones as well as individuals working from a web browser. Every change, whether it’s done from a computer or mobile device, is instantly synced in the document and automatically saved to OneDrive.

4. Backup

When most organizations migrate to Office 365, they begin to store a large amount of data on OneDrive, Office 365’s cloud based storage platform. This allows companies to no longer have to worry as much about data loss because the OneDrive storage platform is backed by more than 100 Microsoft data centers located around the world.
5. Scalability

With Office 365, companies only pay for the number of users that they need. This allows companies to quickly scale for growth while enjoying cost savings during lean times. This ability to quickly add multiple users without a large capital expenditure is one of the more attractive aspects of choosing a cloud based collaboration solution like Office 365.

6. Mobile

As mentioned briefly above, Office 365 offers full support for all types of mobile devices. Whether your users access your corporate data from their smartphones, tablets or computers, they’ll instantly be able to collaborate. This helps companies to remain productive 24/7, regardless of physical location.

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