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What does your Marijuana Business Need?

Retail Intranet
The Marijuana Retail Intranet Solution from Green IT

As a marijuana business, you have an unique set of needs to service customers, grow your business, and remain competitive. These issues pertain to applications, connectivity, IT infrastructure and mobility.

Some of the comments you see are typical ones we hear from our customers and probably familiar to you in some shape or form.


Green IT offers you subscription based business solutions designed to address your business goals and challenges across four key areas:

Grow efficiently – use technology to reduce costs and be a real enabler of business growth.

Do business anywhere – get the benefits of a productive mobile team that can work together wherever they are.

Safeguard your business – keep your data protected and be prepared for the unexpected, so you know your business never misses a beat.

Connect with customers – get the competitive advantage of really understanding your customers and making meaningful connections to build long-term relationships.






BusinessAnywhere ConnectWithCustomers GrowEfficiently Safeguard Your Business

Enable your staff & business from Anywhere

Technology is changing the shape of business. Your business is where you are—wherever you may be. You can access your information, get work done, and collaborate with your team from virtually anywhere, on your favorite device.

To keep up with the speed of business, employees need to access their work and connect with their teams wherever they go. People today expect to have flexibility in where and when they work—so much so that this can even be a differentiator in attracting and retaining the best employees.


Connect with your Customers

Winning customers today means getting and staying connected. Understanding your customers’ needs and challenges and then interacting with them in a meaningful, consistent way based on that knowledge allows you to stand apart from your competitors and build relationships that last.

Do you know your customers as well as your competitors do? Data can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them. And once you know more about your customers, you can use that information to develop a regular strategy for reaching out and building meaningful, profitable relationships.

Grow your business Efficiently

You’ve got big plans, so you need technology that can grow right along with your business. You can have it all – power, agility, and affordability. You can respond quickly to changing demands using a flexible platform that lets you choose the best path for your specific needs.

Today, small and midsize companies are able to access powerful capabilities that were once only available to large businesses. For example, always having access to the latest technology and innovation, quickly scaling apps and services up or down as business needs change, or dramatically increasing database performance so they can process orders faster.

Safeguard your Business

Lost or stolen mobile devices can result in lost company files and data. Malicious hackers or malware can disrupt business and steal critical data. And systems can go down unexpectedly. But you can help keep your data protected, control access to information, and restore your systems with technologies built with your security in mind.


Employees want the freedom to access the applications and data they need on whatever PC or device they choose – whether at the office, at home, or on the road. At the same time, you need to make sure data is protected and available only to the people who should have access.

Understand what your customers are doing

Retail Map
Retail Map

Discover the information most interesting to you to make better decisions



Add custom applications to your Intranet, like crime reporting

Integrated Crime Reporting

Technologies which can be included in our cloud subscription offering:

  • Custom Branded Intranet, Extranet, and Team Sites
  • E-Mail
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Instant Messaging and Cloud Meetings
  • Telephones, Voice Mail, Call Routing, and Auto Attendant
  • Social Networking
  • Workflow
  • Internet of Things capable
  • Task Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Office Software Subscriptions (each user can deploy software on 5 of their devices home/office/mobile)