Managed IT Services for Government and Emergency Services

Emergency services industry experts that really know I.T. and the Government Cloud.


Managed IT Services

Full management and monitoring of all or part of your IT, compliance, and security needs. Get proactive antivirus and anti-malware support. Helpdesk ticketing solutions. IT mentoring. Access to experienced senior engineers with emergency services backgrounds. Faster response and resolution times for IT issues. Software updates, patches, and updates. Autopilot and zero touch deployments for new hardware. Asset tracking and management. We are a Microsoft and an AWS partner.

Migration to the Cloud \ Government Cloud Community

We’ll help you understand your organizational needs and eligibility and pricing model. We’ll go over what features are included and which aren’t available in the government cloud, and what workarounds may be available. Let our experienced team assist you with your application process, then configuration of your settings beyond default. We can assist you with your roadmap to compliance and governance.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Take strategic control of your Microsoft 365 and Azure modernization journey with end-to-end device management and security monitoring from Microsoft experts. Focus on your organization’s digital transformation while we keep your endpoints productive, secure, and up to date. We can help you with your compliance and security needs.

Intranet & Public Website

SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, WIX, Dynamics 365, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, just to name a few. We know them well, we work with them daily, and we excellent mentors to help you get the most out of your investment. Collaboration and communications are a key component of our busines, which also extends to project management, business intelligence, reporting, business process automation, AI, and more.

Development and DeliveryCustomer Support
Assessment and recommendations for your direction forwardDetermine best cloud provider(s) for your needsLeverage our solution architects and IT ProfessionalsDefine your IT lifecycle managementOnboarding and provisioning
Strategic Planning documentationDocument any development needsUtilize our DevOpsLicense ManagementTechnical and Customer Support
Document your cloud business practiceDefine solution hosting needsUtilize our already developed technologies for migration from current state to new stateDefine and implement updated SLAs Simple monthly payments
Define your
cloud resource needs
Define multi-tenancy hosting requirementsHarden Security across all devices
Define your
future cost models
Define and plan your governance and security requirementsService Request Management
Define your testing environment requirements and migration needsUtilize our industry Certifications
Training solutions that work for your budget
Case Studies

Fire Department managed services

Green IT moves fire departments to the cloud, taking a single server department and providing a robust highly available and redundant solution that addresses the security and compliance needs while saving the department money using our shared resources with vast industry experience. Supporting CAD, locution, firewall, and network needs for the department.

State and local Government managed services

Green IT supports Government IT organizations with expertise and mentoring in the Microsoft Cloud . We help achieve the value from the Microsoft software and cloud solutions our customers already own. Get highly experienced experts for your govenment agency at a fraction of the coset.


We learned so much from Green IT as we made the transition from File Server SharePoint Online in the M365 environment. It’s clear they have over 30 years experience, who else could know this much about Microsoft?

Chris C.

I found working with Green IT very stimulating as he brings to the table very original and pragmatic solutions, and they know how to take advantage of all of the technology being used.

Pierre B.

Let’s build something great together.

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