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Putting the Team back in Teamwork

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the ultimate collaboration and teamwork app. Fuel your team’s engagement and efficiency as you learn how you can add, customize, and find everything you need, all in one place. Check out this article and contact Green IT Consulting to get started today!

Stay productive while working remotely

Teams across the globe are moving to remote work, and #Microsoft Teams is there every step of the way to keep you connected and productive. Check out this article for tips on effective remote working through Teams, and contact Green IT Consulting to get started today!

Low Code

.@Gartner estimates that 65% of all app dev will be low-code by 2024. Get onboard build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster and drive efficiency. Contact Green IT Consulting to get started!

Alcoa puts Firstline Workers at the center of its digital transformation

Alcoa uses #Teams and #Microsoft 365 for solutions that enable its employees in Iceland to manage schedules efficiently, streamline processes, and improve communication. Check out this video and ask how Microsoft solutions can put your organization’s #FirstlineWorkers at the center of digital transformation.

The Art of Teamwork Guide

Team building is fundamentally important for your business to thrive. #Microsoft Teams is there for you to help enhance the interpersonal dynamics of your team, by designing activities to bring teams closer together. Are you ready to dive in? Check out this article!

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When you invest in empowering Firstline Workers, you invest in the future of your organization. Support them with #Microsoft Teams. Subscribe now!

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From enabling collaboration with employees, clients and suppliers via the Internet, to greater security for data, to providing anytime, anywhere access to files and applications, the cloud brings a whole host of benefits to your business. Eliminate downtime, take back control of your IT budget, improve processes and re-focus your energies on your business. How? By outsourcing the management and maintenance of your IT to Green IT. Microsoft SharePoint helps you unlock your potential. Get organized, and share ideas and information from basic price lists to insightful business intelligence. We’ll design a SharePoint solution that matches your needs. Staying up-to-date with the latest software is important - but it can be prohibitively expensive. Green IT takes care of that for you with software process management, licensing and audit advisory services.