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Security Fortify infographic

Unmatched volumes of data inform #Microsoft security solutions. Learn how you can harness decades of security experience with Microsoft #AdvancedThreatProtection.

The Art of Possible: Manufacturing priorities that will define 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced unprecedented change for the manufacturing industry. In this video from #Microsoft, hear expert predictions for 2021, learn about four durable shifts that will be top priorities for manufacturers, and gain new strategies for accelerating transformation and innovation. Contact Green IT Consulting to learn more.

Hybrid Environments

Keep your hybrid work environment protected, and your sensitive data safe with #Microsoft security. Subscribe now and contact Green IT Consulting to learn more.

Leveraging your Microsoft assets in this remote access world

Across industries, organizations of all sizes are shifting to remote work. Time to evaluate. Are you leveraging the #Microsoft assets you may already have in place for the #remote access solutions you need? Read this article from #NationalLawReview, then let Green IT Consulting help you make the most of your Microsoft assets.

Microsoft proof points for manufacturing

Learn about what sets Microsoft apart for manufacturing, including the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings and industry leadership in hybrid cloud solutions. Partner with Microsoft and drive success in your organization’s digital transformation. Contact Green IT Consulting for more.

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From enabling collaboration with employees, clients and suppliers via the Internet, to greater security for data, to providing anytime, anywhere access to files and applications, the cloud brings a whole host of benefits to your business. Eliminate downtime, take back control of your IT budget, improve processes and re-focus your energies on your business. How? By outsourcing the management and maintenance of your IT to Green IT. Microsoft SharePoint helps you unlock your potential. Get organized, and share ideas and information from basic price lists to insightful business intelligence. We’ll design a SharePoint solution that matches your needs. Staying up-to-date with the latest software is important - but it can be prohibitively expensive. Green IT takes care of that for you with software process management, licensing and audit advisory services.