Branding and User Interface

Our branding services can take your design to the next level.  Whether your site just needs a quick logo and header treatment, a custom theme, a custom master page that matches your existing branding, or even a full-blown SharePoint website re-branding effort, we can handle the job.

Our branding services cover the full spectrum of user interface design as it relates to SharePoint including:

  • Conversion of existing website or branding into a SharePoint Master Page or Theme
  • Creating a new look and feel for your SharePoint site
  • Custom Master Pages with CSS
  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Page Layouts
  • Custom XSLT for Web Parts and data “roll-ups”
  • Taxonomy and Navigation planning sessions
  • Complete Branding and UI requirements gathering sessions
  • Creation of custom SharePoint UI controls (using Javascript, Flash, Silverlight, or C#)

We have experience working with high profile public facing internet MOSS and WSS sites as well as internal intranet MOSS and WSS coloration portals and team sites. When you engage out branding team can be as involved in your design process as you need us to be. We can simply convert your existing website design, or we can host a full blown design requirements gathering meeting. We can even provide design comps or previews of what the design will look like in SharePoint before any development starts. This allows you to focus on making all of your design decisions up front before they turn into lengthy changes down the road.


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