Disaster Preparedness

We’ve all heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but how many of us have really taken this adage to heart when it comes to preparing our businesses for possible disasters?

Dramatic occurrences like hurricanes and tornados might come to mind when you ponder disaster preparedness. If your business isn’t in a hot spot for either of these weather events, you might consider yourself safe from most disasters. Yet, it is still prudent to prepare for disaster, because other occurrences such as fires and floods, as well as virtual crises brought on by cybercrime or network failures, are liable to take place anywhere businesses exist.

By developing a disaster preparedness plan and implementing technologies that support business continuity, SMBs can give themselves solid footing and a strong defense in the wake of disaster. Yes, doing so requires effort and investment, but when faced with the reality that your business might not make it through a disaster, is it really something you can afford to delay or neglect altogether.

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