Project Online Services

Treb Gatte, MBA, MCTS

Treb Gatte is a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform. Treb is a business intelligence expert with 25 years of experience working at organizations such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Wachovia (Wells Fargo). Treb leads our Business Intelligence Team.

Manage your projects like a PRO. Ask about our Active Mentoring Solution for Project Online or Project Operations

Active Mentoring for Project Admins and Project Manager Roles

For a Monthly fee, we’ll contract with your organization to build strengths within your team by:
– working through specific business scenarios
– collaboratively design solutions
– document results
We will suggest focus on items that have not yet been discussed but are common to Project Online implementations.
Meetings will be set up on a weekly and as needed basis.

We’ll train your designated Admins on the following:
– How and when to use admin functionality
– Review the current configuration, discuss why it is the way it is, and review changes that if implemented could enhance the solution
– Review necessary actions on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
– Review your monitoring needs
– Review common problems, implications, and how to address them

We’ll provide solution architecture design expertise as required.
– able to work with integrations such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 to sort out any architectural needs

Will provide technical troubleshooting and assistance as needed.

Will provide project online administration services until such time as your team is ready to assume the role.

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