Trade Secret Protection

We live in a trade secret enabled economy.

The FBI estimates that IP theft accounts for $500 billion to $600 billion in lost sales each year domestically, while companies lose market share, suffer reputational damage and see their unique competitive advantages compromised

Protect Your Trade Secrets

Any company that has invested time and resources into developing a product or idea needs to protect it. Our solutions enable you to:

– Recognize the threat.
– Identify and value trade secrets.
– Implement a definable plan for safeguarding trade secrets.
– Secure physical trade secrets and limit access to trade secrets.
– Provide ongoing security training to employees.
– Develop an insider threat program.
– Proactively report suspicious incidents to the proper authorities before your proprietary information is irreversibly compromised.

Please take our survey to receive an overall assessment of your current environment and a gauge of how effectively you are managing and stewarding your company’s most valuable assets.

And the risks are growing dramatically — A 53% increase just this past year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Are your employees and partners indifferent?

  • High percentage of employee believe it is acceptable to take stuff when they leave a company
  • Quite remarkably, employees and former employees believe their companies do not care!
  • Only 47% polled believe their organization takes action when employees take sensitive information
  • And 68% say their organization does not take steps to ensure employees do not use confidential competitive information from third parties.

Do you want the most secure experience for your Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property?

  • Technology and markets are trending toward increasing importance of trade secrets
  • The commoditization of computer hardware drives innovation into computer-implemented software. The implications extend well beyond the computer and information technology industry
  • More and more innovation is moving behind the “firewall” or into the “cloud” meaning that it is invisible to the public

With Green IT and Project Armor we’ll provide you with a methodical approach to planning and implementing security and information protection features.

IP Armor

Helping our clients preserve and protect their investments in trade secrets and know-how while mitigating vulnerabilities and risks.

Project Armor™ is the most engaging, informative, cost-effective solution for educating your teams, raising overall awareness across your enterprise, and reinforcing your ongoing commitment to safeguarding your company’s most vital and valuable assets.

Strategic Patent Acquisitions & Advisory Services

  • $100M’s in successful patent transactions over the past decade
  • Former head of acquisitions for Intellectual Ventures, the largest patent investment firm of its kind
  • Trusted relationships with world-leading IP holders
  • Highly successful, proactive “Target Ops” capabilities
  • Adept initiating, advancing and effectively managing complex transactions
  • Global reach. Extended network and close relationships with global IP leaders
  • Deep IP market knowledge & monetization experience

Don’t wait until you’re in court to determine if your information qualifies as an asset. Develop your Trade Secret Asset Management Program today.

Take our survey to receive an overall assessment of your current environment and a gauge of how effectively you are managing and stewarding your company’s most valuable assets.

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