• Get security and piece of mind
  • Gain more control and choice
  • Keep compliant
  • Work from anywhere
  • Collaborate seamlessly

Consumer Packaged Goods

In last decade the growth of consumer packaged industry has doubled in size and will continue to grow over the years to come. The customers it serves varies in sizes from small mom and pop shops to convenience stores to mega stores to warehouses clubs. The success of this industry lies in introducing right products in the right market and at the right time.

To survive and thrive in this industry well-integrated business solutions are necessary. Microsoft provide business solutions that allows real time communication and collaboration between large number of employees across multiple sites in various countries to run the entire operation smoothly.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions: Perks of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for CPG manufacturers enable organizations to assemble a complete, integrated set of leading-edge business applications. The Microsoft Dynamics technology platform can enable your Microsoft Dynamics solutions support:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) production
  • Supply chain transparency and collaboration
  • Integrated bar code and RFID systems
  • Cross-company collaborative product development
  • Detailed reports to suppliers with data from customer forecasts
  • A single view of multiple facilities and departments
  • Industry and customer specific reports to identify and prioritize potential areas of cost savings

In consumer packaged goods industry flexibility and productivity go hand in hand. Microsoft Dynamics solutions provides effective and efficient networking that can handle flexibility necessary to deal with changing requirements and fluctuations in demand irrespective of the size of the operation.


Biotechnology: Organizations can build agile, flexible and collaborative teams using Microsoft Office 365 tools and cloud services.

  • Collaboration, Communication & Innovation: Biotechnology is a field of leading edge science filled with unknowns that could at times lead to the wrong path of inquiry. Collaboration and communications are necessary parts of Innovation. Skype for business allows real time communication between the employees and partners. Collaboration is achieved using Microsoft Cloud services by centralizing and optimizing the data when necessary.
  • Competitive Advantage: Enhance business opportunities and establish new partnerships by setting up a secure SharePoint platform, a perfect combination of collaboration and competitive advantage.
  • Flexibility & Productivity: Microsoft Office 365 increases productivity by giving employees access to their files, data anytime, anywhere and the flexibility of accessing it on any device of choice.
  • Data Security: Data privacy and security are global business imperatives. Microsoft is strongly committed to the privacy and security of customer’s data. Customers maintain the ownership of their data.



Are you an educational organization looking for assistance with setting up, maintaining, or improving your Staff and Student use benefits?  We can help.  In April of 2018 through the cloud solution program, Green IT will also be offering:

  • Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty
  • Microsoft 365 A3 for students
  • Microsoft 365 A3 for students use benefit
  • Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty
  • Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty w/o PTSN Conferencing
  • Microsoft 365 A5 for students
  • Microsoft 365 A5 for students use benefit
  • Microsoft 365 A5 for students s/o PTSN Conferencing
  • Microsoft 365 A5 without Audio Conferencing for students use benefit
  • Office 365 A3 for students use benefit
  • Office 365 A5 for students use benefit
  • Office 365 A5 without Audio Conferencing for faculty
  • Office 365 A5 without Audio Conferencing for students use benefit
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for students use benefit
  • Office 365 Cloud App Security for Students use benefit
  • Office 365 ProPlus for students use benefit
  • Windows 10 Education A3 for students use benefit
  • Windows 10 Education A5 for students use benefit


Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a new cloud service which empowers your customers’ Security Operations teams to detect and investigate advanced attacks and insider threats across the entire scope of users and entities in the network. Leveraging cloud infrastructure and Azure scale, Azure ATP is built to support the most demanding workloads of security analytics for the modern enterprise.

Azure ATP fuses together unique machine learning algorithms, world-class security research, and the breadth and depth of the critical security data available to Microsoft as a major enterprise vendor. It will help protect from known and unknown attack vectors, detecting threats early in the kill chain before they mature into actual damage.

  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection for Users
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection for Users (Government Pricing)
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection for Users for Faculty
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection for Users for Students


E-Learning Industry has tripled in past decade. Online education is no longer restricted to post secondary level, it is now available to elementary and secondary level schools. A virtual classroom offers multitude of benefits to students/parents, educators, administrators and Skype for Business is just the right tool to bring everything.


  • Engage remote students more deeply with virtual lessons via video
  • Build strong relationships with parents while managing schedules
  • Collaborate with colleagues to build connected lesson plans


  • Learn concepts more deeply and gain diverse perspectives through collaboration
  • Get outside the classroom through virtual tours and visits
  • Gain access to the best future with video conference interviews


  • Enable faster resolution of student administrative issues
  • Keep alumni engaged through multiple channels
  • Communicate more easily with dispersed staff to build and maintain a sense of community



The best choice for government organizations with advanced IT requirements that want the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Use Office anywhere

Provide users with the Office applications they know, optimized for their devices, so they can work their best wherever they are.

Simplify collaboration

Hold multi-party HD online meetings with screen sharing, note taking, and annotations. Start an IM, call, or video chat with just a click

Safeguard your data

If you are in the USA, or Canada your data is segregated from commercial data, it is stored within Microsoft datacenters in your country.



  • Manage timelines, resources, logistics and budget
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between engineers, project managers and construction workers
  • Remote diagnosis capabilities

Law Firms

Law firms need to communicate and collaborate within and outside their organization, grow sales and manage expenses. They are, however, faced with some unique challenges in managing court rules, regulatory compliance, security and large volumes of data in an increasingly mobile environment. The cloud solutions we offer below help enable law firms to grow their business in today’s complex environment.

Microsoft Office 365 – Monthly Billing

This billing option enables you to pay less upfront with no commitment and the option to cancel any time.

Microsoft Office 365 – Annual Billing

This billing option enables you to pre-pay for the entire one year term and receive an additional discount with a one year commitment.


Law firms increasingly rely on technology, and an IT disruption even for a few hours can result in the loss of billable time, regulatory non-compliance penalties, security breach, or worse. Protecting your law firm’s data and ensuring business continuity is critical to your firm’s continued success. Acronis provides secure and cost-effective data protection solutions, protecting every aspect of IT operations in your organization, without putting extra strain on your limited IT resources or budgets.

Cirius 365 Encryption

Adding Secure Messaging to Office 365 provides law firms with security, privacy, confidentiality and compliance. With real-time tracking and verification, Cirius Secure Messaging ensures non-repudiation and compliance with GLBA, S-OX, and other regulations. Easily and securely share contracts, agreements, and obtain legally valid e-signatures — right from your email. Data is archived securely in your jurisdiction and is readily accessible for e-discovery.

Trend Micro

In law firms where multi platform technologies and mobile devices have become commonplace, the potential risk of suffering a data breach has increased exponentially.  By deploying Green IT’’s solution(s), legal companies can protect their ICT infrastructure from cybercriminals while allowing the unencumbered exchange of information between partners, clients and other authorized parties.


Legal professionals know the importance of, and need for, proof of who sent what email and when, maintaining client privilege and confidentiality though encryption, and the need to deliver documents instantly and securely, with time-stamped proof of delivery. RMail empowers attorneys and other legal professionals with messaging tools that help in this regard and that run within the Microsoft Outlook user interface. RMail adds email open tracking visibility, court admissible time-stamped evidence of email content delivered, secure and certified large file transfer, legal electronic signatures, and more.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive cloud solution to address the consumerization of IT, BYOD and SaaS challenges. Enterprise Mobility Suite enables legal professionals to work on the device of their choice and access resources they need, while centralizing the firm’s information to ensure compliance and data protection. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is simple to set up, always up-to-date, and connects to on-premises datacenters.


  • Ensure operational excellence
  • Streamline supply chain
  • Speed M&A and onboarding
  • Improve field service
  • Accelerate product innovation


  • Gain insights into customer data, store sales and store inventory
  • Deliver great customer experiences and associate engagement
  • Enable store managers and associates to work from anywhere in the store
  • Help protect customer data and ensure compliance
  • Improve agility, reduce costs and provide tools to work efficiently


Our team of experts will help your organization achieve “anywhere access” to e-mail, documents, and a wide variety of communications and collaboration tools, on almost any device, for healthcare businesses of all sizes—helping to improve productivity and organizational economics.

What’s more, Microsoft Office 365 delivers a secure cloud-based platform backed by a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement*.

  • Gain greater insights to increase care, team collaboration and performance
  • Improve and extend patient care and communications
  • Protect patient data and ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Improve agility, reduce operational costs and complexity

Our Solutions include:

Ask about our Microsoft Office 365 for Health Care Bundles

Microsoft Office 365 brings together Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Office Professional Plus. It is designed to help meet healthcare organizations needs for patient-centered collaboration, robust security and adherence to privacy regulations, including full support for a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 with Cirius Encryption

Enterprise E3 provides the latest full installed Office plus a wide range of integrated collaboration services. This bundle adds further benefits to Health Care with Cirius encryption and message management.

Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 2 with Cirius Encryption

Exchange Online Plan 2 provides all the features of Microsoft Exchange including a large mailbox and other features great for Health Care organizations including Data Loss Prevention and Email Archiving. Adding encryption and message management from Cirius provides even more security and usability for Health Care email communications.

Financial Services

  • Provide greater insights into financial risk and business performance
  • Protect client financial data and ensure compliance
  • Improve the client experience
  • Improve agility, reduce costs and provide tools to work efficiently