Consumer Packaged Goods

In last decade the growth of consumer packaged industry has doubled in size and will continue to grow over the years to come. The customers it serves varies in sizes from small mom and pop shops to convenience stores to mega stores to warehouses clubs. The success of this industry lies in introducing right products in the right market and at the right time.

To survive and thrive in this industry well-integrated business solutions are necessary. Microsoft provide business solutions that allows real time communication and collaboration between large number of employees across multiple sites in various countries to run the entire operation smoothly.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions: Perks of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for CPG manufacturers enable organizations to assemble a complete, integrated set of leading-edge business applications. The Microsoft Dynamics technology platform can enable your Microsoft Dynamics solutions support:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) production
  • Supply chain transparency and collaboration
  • Integrated bar code and RFID systems
  • Cross-company collaborative product development
  • Detailed reports to suppliers with data from customer forecasts
  • A single view of multiple facilities and departments
  • Industry and customer specific reports to identify and prioritize potential areas of cost savings

In consumer packaged goods industry flexibility and productivity go hand in hand. Microsoft Dynamics solutions provides effective and efficient networking that can handle flexibility necessary to deal with changing requirements and fluctuations in demand irrespective of the size of the operation.

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