Law Firms

Law firms need to communicate and collaborate within and outside their organization, grow sales and manage expenses. They are, however, faced with some unique challenges in managing court rules, regulatory compliance, security and large volumes of data in an increasingly mobile environment. The cloud solutions we offer below help enable law firms to grow their business in today’s complex environment.

Microsoft Office 365 – Monthly Billing

This billing option enables you to pay less upfront with no commitment and the option to cancel any time.

Microsoft Office 365 – Annual Billing

This billing option enables you to pre-pay for the entire one year term and receive an additional discount with a one year commitment.


Law firms increasingly rely on technology, and an IT disruption even for a few hours can result in the loss of billable time, regulatory non-compliance penalties, security breach, or worse. Protecting your law firm’s data and ensuring business continuity is critical to your firm’s continued success. Acronis provides secure and cost-effective data protection solutions, protecting every aspect of IT operations in your organization, without putting extra strain on your limited IT resources or budgets.

Cirius 365 Encryption

Adding Secure Messaging to Office 365 provides law firms with security, privacy, confidentiality and compliance. With real-time tracking and verification, Cirius Secure Messaging ensures non-repudiation and compliance with GLBA, S-OX, and other regulations. Easily and securely share contracts, agreements, and obtain legally valid e-signatures — right from your email. Data is archived securely in your jurisdiction and is readily accessible for e-discovery.

Trend Micro

In law firms where multi platform technologies and mobile devices have become commonplace, the potential risk of suffering a data breach has increased exponentially.  By deploying Green IT’’s solution(s), legal companies can protect their ICT infrastructure from cybercriminals while allowing the unencumbered exchange of information between partners, clients and other authorized parties.


Legal professionals know the importance of, and need for, proof of who sent what email and when, maintaining client privilege and confidentiality though encryption, and the need to deliver documents instantly and securely, with time-stamped proof of delivery. RMail empowers attorneys and other legal professionals with messaging tools that help in this regard and that run within the Microsoft Outlook user interface. RMail adds email open tracking visibility, court admissible time-stamped evidence of email content delivered, secure and certified large file transfer, legal electronic signatures, and more.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive cloud solution to address the consumerization of IT, BYOD and SaaS challenges. Enterprise Mobility Suite enables legal professionals to work on the device of their choice and access resources they need, while centralizing the firm’s information to ensure compliance and data protection. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is simple to set up, always up-to-date, and connects to on-premises datacenters.

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