IP Armor

Helping our clients preserve and protect their investments in trade secrets and know-how while mitigating vulnerabilities and risks.

Project Armor™ is the most engaging, informative, cost-effective solution for educating your teams, raising overall awareness across your enterprise, and reinforcing your ongoing commitment to safeguarding your company’s most vital and valuable assets.

Strategic Patent Acquisitions & Advisory Services

  • $100M’s in successful patent transactions over the past decade
  • Former head of acquisitions for Intellectual Ventures, the largest patent investment firm of its kind
  • Trusted relationships with world-leading IP holders
  • Highly successful, proactive “Target Ops” capabilities
  • Adept initiating, advancing and effectively managing complex transactions
  • Global reach. Extended network and close relationships with global IP leaders
  • Deep IP market knowledge & monetization experience

Don’t wait until you’re in court to determine if your information qualifies as an asset. Develop your Trade Secret Asset Management Program today.

Take our survey to receive an overall assessment of your current environment and a gauge of how effectively you are managing and stewarding your company’s most valuable assets.

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