Maximizing your ROI from Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Surface

Maximize your ROI from Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Surface. Realize significant cost benefits from reduced security breaches and increased productivity with the device platform built from the ground up to help you get the most out of Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Whiteboard experience on Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Whiteboard is an endless canvas for people to work together in person or remotely across multiple devices. Surface Hub lights up the Microsoft Whiteboard experience with a gorgeous screen display and advanced inking capabilities, and there are so many great features built into Whiteboard to help you create your content. Customize the background of your canvas, enjoy the seamless inking experience of the Surface Hub 2 Pen, draw a shape and Whiteboard will perfect it for you. And if you want to create a table, start by drawing a rectangle, add some grid lines, and Whiteboard will recognize your intent. Start to add content and the table will intelligently adjust to fit. You can invite your colleagues to contribute to the whiteboard and they can add to it anytime from anywhere on multiple devices, making this game-changing for teamwork.

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Microsoft Surface devices drive digital innovation at Blue Frog Bar and Grill

Staff at the blue frog restaurant chain looked for help modernizing and transforming IT operations from the table to the boardroom. Microsoft delivered in the form of a powerful combination of Surface Go and Surface Pro devices, supported by a suite of business and productivity software built around Windows 10.

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Tustin school district brings advanced, inclusive learning to high schools with Microsoft Surface Pro

After testing four different tablets in their schools, the Tustin Unified School District found Microsoft Surface Pro to be the best choice for their high school teachers and students. In this video, see how Surface was able to increase productivity across the board and empower students with different accessibility needs and learning styles.

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School district levels the playing field with Surface for every student

Forward-thinking Blue Springs School District in the Blue Springs area of Kansas City, Missouri, is preparing its students for a technology-rich world. The district wanted to give students the best possible education within the financial constraints that face most school districts. It also aimed to ensure equal access to technology for children of all economic backgrounds. By providing a Microsoft Surface Go device for each student, the district optimized its technology budget and leveled the academic playing field for all. Most important, its students are poised to soar.

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