Microsoft Surface – Productive, Powerful, Protected

With today’s cyber-threat environment, cutting-edge security is critical. Surface was built to be a revolutionary on its performance and versatility, and Surface is one of the top devices in the security landscape. We know you need to empower your team to be their best without compromising security. Get to know Surface, and rest assured that your team’s mobility and creativity are backed by best-in-class security.

How the Surface Hub transforms traditional communication at Carhartt

Whether it’s working alongside a supplier or maintaining relationships with a national retailer, Carhartt continues to drive efficiency by making smarter decisions and building stronger partnerships using Surface Hub and Power BI. With Microsoft technology, the Carhartt leadership team streamlined its telecommunication expenses, forged new productivity solutions, and refined its analytics model.

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Maximizing your ROI from Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Surface

Maximize your ROI from Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Surface. Realize significant cost benefits from reduced security breaches and increased productivity with the device platform built from the ground up to help you get the most out of Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Whiteboard experience on Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Whiteboard is an endless canvas for people to work together in person or remotely across multiple devices. Surface Hub lights up the Microsoft Whiteboard experience with a gorgeous screen display and advanced inking capabilities, and there are so many great features built into Whiteboard to help you create your content. Customize the background of your canvas, enjoy the seamless inking experience of the Surface Hub 2 Pen, draw a shape and Whiteboard will perfect it for you. And if you want to create a table, start by drawing a rectangle, add some grid lines, and Whiteboard will recognize your intent. Start to add content and the table will intelligently adjust to fit. You can invite your colleagues to contribute to the whiteboard and they can add to it anytime from anywhere on multiple devices, making this game-changing for teamwork.

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