Discover our Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) based training

Picture yourself entering a virtual classroom, greeted by a vibrant and intuitive interface that makes you feel right at home. The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) begins with a warm welcome from our expert trainers, who introduce the session’s objectives and set the stage for an engaging and interactive learning journey.

Throughout the training, you’ll find yourself collaborating with fellow participants in breakout rooms, working together to tackle real-life scenarios that simulate the challenges and opportunities faced by modern organizations. The virtual classroom comes to life as you explore the full capabilities of Microsoft 365, with trainers providing live demonstrations, step-by-step guidance, and personalized feedback.

As you dive into each Microsoft 365 application, the trainers encourage open discussion and questions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The customization of the CIE training ensures that the content is relevant to your organization’s specific needs, making the lessons immediately applicable to your day-to-day tasks.

By the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of Microsoft 365’s potential and the confidence to apply your newfound knowledge to optimize your organization’s productivity and collaboration. The virtual classroom experience not only provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment but also allows you to connect with other professionals and expand your network.

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Migrating Your Company/University’s Legacy Online Bookstore Solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Finance and Accounting

One of the key solutions Green IT has worked on over the past few years with our customers is streamlining and modernizing legacy bookstore systems increasing efficiencies to increase profits and the entire customer experience. If your bookstore is in need of reimagination, please contact me and we can talk over our experiences with you.

Here is an outline of how that conversation might go:

I. Introduction

  • Outline of our team and experiences
  • The importance of having an efficient online bookstore solution
  • The challenges of managing a legacy online bookstore
  • How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance and Accounting can address these challenges
  • How Green IT’s Assessment process has led to migration roadmaps

II. Assessing Your Current Online Bookstore Solution

  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your current system
  • Identifying the key functionalities that need to be migrated to Dynamics 365

III. Planning the Migration to Dynamics 365

  • Determining the scope of the migration project
  • Setting a timeline and milestones
  • Defining roles and responsibilities

IV. Data Migration

  • Preparing the data for migration
  • Migrating customer information, order history, product information, and pricing
  • Ensuring data accuracy and completeness

V. Customization and Configuration

  • Configuring Dynamics 365 to meet your specific needs
  • Customizing forms, workflows, and reports
  • Integrating with third-party tools and services

VI. Testing and Deployment

  • Conducting thorough testing to ensure the solution meets your requirements
  • Preparing the production environment for deployment
  • Training end-users on how to use the new system

VII. Post-Deployment Support and Maintenance

  • Providing ongoing support to ensure the solution runs smoothly
  • Monitoring and optimizing system performance
  • Planning for future upgrades and enhancements

VIII. Conclusion

  • Recap of the benefits of migrating to Dynamics 365 Sales and D365 Finance and Accounting for online bookstore management
  • Final thoughts and recommendations for a successful migration.

Managed IT Services for Government and Emergency Services

Managed IT Services

Green IT provides customers full management and monitoring of all or part of your IT, compliance, and security needs. Get proactive antivirus and anti-malware support. Helpdesk ticketing solutions. IT mentoring. Access to experienced senior engineers with emergency services backgrounds. Faster response and resolution times for IT issues. Software updates, patches, and updates. Autopilot and zero touch deployments for new hardware. Asset tracking and management. We are a Microsoft and an AWS partner.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Take strategic control of your Microsoft 365 and Azure modernization journey with end-to-end device management and security monitoring from Microsoft experts. Focus on your organization’s digital transformation while we keep your endpoints productive, secure, and up to date. We can help you with your compliance and security needs.

Migration to the Cloud \ Government Cloud Community

We’ll help you understand your organizational needs and eligibility and pricing model. We’ll go over what features are included and which aren’t available in the government cloud, and what workarounds may be available. Let our experienced team assist you with your application process, then configuration of your settings beyond default. We can assist you with your roadmap to compliance and governance.

Intranet & Public Website

SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, WIX, Dynamics 365, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, just to name a few. We know them well, we work with them daily, and we excellent mentors to help you get the most out of your investment. Collaboration and communications are a key component of our busines, which also extends to project management, business intelligence, reporting, business process automation, AI, and more.

Transition to Cloud: Secure your business with technology you can trust

Today’s complicated virtual business reality makes it difficult to secure fragmented IT or cloud point solutions. As we’ve seen, natural disasters and political tensions require always-on from anywhere tech solutions. We know that Microsoft 365 helps businesses stay agile in these uncertain economic times with cost savings and cloud advances. Need proof? This infographic illustrates how organizations further along in their transition from on-prem to the cloud are more likely to report positive experiences among employees and end users about securing data and personal privacy.

View: Transition to Cloud: Secure your business with technology you can trust

Leerwerkloket combats unemployment with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Watch this video and learn how Leerwerkloket—a Netherlands-based career counseling organization—upgraded to Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, which gave them the ability to turn data into useful insights. Leerwerkloket provides services to those who are unemployed, as well as seeking a career change. They offer personalized advice to all candidates looking for new jobs.

A significant reason they chose to upgrade to Sales Pro is that it’s a cloud application running in Microsoft’s own data centers, which is fully compliant with government standards, such as GDPR.

Since the upgrade, Leerwerkloket can now gather relevant and critical data to report back to their government.

Windows and SQL.mp4

Learn about the features and benefits of migrating to Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure. This video discusses key aspects such as preventing the loss of valuable data and getting the lowest cost of ownership.

Better on Azure: The benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Azure is a logical choice for Windows Server and SQL server workloads. This whitepaper examines how Azure supports applications that rely on SQL Server or Windows Server in four key areas: security, rapid innovation, hybrid solutions and cost advantage.

View: Better on Azure: The benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Fast forward: How cloud computing could transform risk management

Attitudes toward the shift to cloud computing are changing—even in the banking world, which has been reluctant to make the transition from on-premises to the cloud due to customer data security concerns. The chief information officer (CIO) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston noted recently that ignoring the cloud may introduce security vulnerabilities as on-premises vendors discontinue support for their products. Learn what executives are saying about how and why risk management needs to act now. Get up to speed on the benefits across the six stages of the life cycle for risk model development, and how Microsoft 365 can help build cloud computing infrastructures.

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Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

The digital transformation of the business world has pushed businesses to address new challenges: remote work, cloud migration, and device security is the new normal. Today’s decision makers need to create people connections, address burnout, and work toward consolidating apps.

With Microsoft 365, you get a platform boosted with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. You can download and sync devices, detect threats before issues occur, simplify through vendor consolidation, and so much more.

This infographic explains the 6 ways Microsoft 365 apps and services can ease your organization’s journey to modern work.

View: Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

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