Are you setting up a new small business?

Are you looking for a turn-key solution that get’s your new business IT needs set up quickly, with an Information Technology road map for short, medium, and long term success?

You need expertise in the industry to help you avoid hurdles and tackle objections and problems that may arise.

Do you want Centralized IT Management, cloud backup, compliance, reporting, business intelligence, scalability, and adoption metrics for your new business system?

What are the business challenges and needs our solution solves?

  • provides a project plan tailored to your needs to set up you business
  • provides scheduling estimates and an order of operations to streamline processes
  • provides email and document templates to invite customers to use your new company / firm.
  • provides an announcement campaign announcing the new business to perspective clients
  • provides a new public facing website
  • enables Microsoft 365
    • Office
    • DNS
    • Security
    • Telephones
    • SharePoint / Document Management
    • Document migration planning
    • Cloud migration planning and activities
    • set up of business taxonomies
      • workflows
      • forms
    • Business ready hardware infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Obtaining capital if needed to set up your new business’s IT needs


What are the benefits to our solution?

  • Access to Microsoft Financing
  • Templates to review likely tasks, schedules, and costs which they may incur.
  • Ready to go turnkey solution with known partners and subcontractors to quickly set up the organization
  • Details of costs and options for cost cutting
  • Immediate ability to have business continuity for customers who may be separating from a previous firm
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans to tackle public facing change management
  • Training for staff


What does our solution do?

  • Provides a template for operational deployment
  • Provides a template for cost planning
  • Stands up the new business from an Information Technology perspective
  • Migration of content from a previous business
  • Technical and access to Legal Consulting


What are the features that solve these challenges?

  • We utilize top industry solutions to set up a business from a technology perspective
  • Industry best practices
  • Technology roadmap delivered
  • Security and Compliance (GDPR, HIPPA, FISMA, FERPA, & more)  needs are fully met
  • Cloud based solution
  • Integrated content management, telephony and workflow solutions.


What benefits are our customers typically looking for?

  • Comprehensive plan of activities to set the business up from a technology perspective
  • Legal expertise and guidance from lawyers with experience
  • Reduced time to operational status
  • Migration of existing content
  • Marketing program to inform their customers of the new business
  • On-boarding process for existing customers
  • On-boarding process for staff
  • Set up of needed accounts from known vendors
    • assistance with setting up needed subscriptions
  • Set up of disaster recovery and redundant solutions.

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Do you need assistance with eDiscovery in Office 365?

With the growing risk of Information Theft are you concerned you’ve protected your organizations content and do you know that content is located only where it is supposed to be?  Locating relevant content can be time consuming and costly.

Hire our experts to support and facilitate your Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery needs.

  • Manage content in Primary and Archive Mailboxes
  • Set up and run Advanced eDiscovery cases
  • Audit Reports
  • Set up or manage existing policies across you Office 365 assets.

Our trained staff will help you set up users and cases, configure your Security and Compliance Center, configure and run Advanced eDiscovery tools, Processing, Analysis, and Export from Advanced eDiscovery to a local machine.

You’ll be able to search for the content across the Office 365 services you use, which includes  Exchange Online mailboxes, Office 365 groups, SharePoint Online and sites, and Skype for Business conversations, and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to identify, plan,  hold, and export or remove content found across the applications.

Contact us today to get started.  (425) 242-3378

Are you considering Microsoft Teams?

What if you were connected to everything important at Work?  Plugged into every document, person, and activity that mattered?  What if your team could join a meeting in just one click?  What if you could use your existing telephony infrastructure with Teams for calling?


Over the last year, Microsoft Teams (a desktop or Web User Interface) has evolved to become the ultimate hub for teamwork. Built on the strength and scale of Office 365 with over 120 million users, Microsoft Teams delivers chat-based collaboration, meetings, calling, and soon, full enterprise voice features. All of this is underpinned by the Microsoft Graph, allowing for rich AI capabilities. As part of Office 365, Teams uniquely delivers these capabilities at scale, with enterprise-grade security and compliance standards to meet the needs of a global business.

To advance the vision for Intelligent Communications, has announced new Teams features coming soon, these including:

  • Cloud recording—Will provide one-click meeting recordings with automatic transcription and timecoding, enabling all team members the ability to read captions, search within the conversation, and playback all or part of the meeting. In the future, it will also include facial recognition, so remarks can be attributed to specific meeting attendees.
  • Inline message translation—People who speak different languages will be able to fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat.
  • Cortana voice interactions for Teams-enabled devices—Will enable you to easily make a call, join a meeting, or add other people to a meeting in Teams using spoken, natural language. This functionality will extend to IP phones and conference room devices.
  • Background blur on video—The ability to blur your background during video calls will allow other meeting attendees to focus on you, not what’s behind you.
  • Proximity detection for Teams Meetings—This feature will make it easy for you to discover and add a nearby and available Skype Room System to any meeting.
  • Mobile sharing in meetings—Meeting attendees will be able to share a live video stream, photos, or the screen from their mobile device.

These new capabilities build on the breadth of new features that have come to Teams in the last year, including guest access, new ways to interact with apps, and new meeting and calling capabilities.

Microsoft has also announced a new enterprise-grade calling features in Teams, including consultative transfer and call delegation and federation. In addition, Microsoft is introducing Direct Routing, which will enable customers to use their existing telephony infrastructure with Teams for calling. When you combine a Microsoft Calling Plan or Direct Routing with our Phone System for Office 365, Teams becomes a full voice service. These new capabilities are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2018.

Intelligent Communications for your devices

Hardware plays a critical part in delivering consistent, high-quality video and voice experiences. We are announcing that Teams is now enabled for a full spectrum of calling and meeting room devices, including:

  • Microsoft collaboration devices—Microsoft Surface Hub is a powerful all-in-one large-screen team collaboration device. Microsoft Teams will be natively supported on Surface Hub, enhancing the capabilities of Teams in huddle spaces and meeting rooms equipped with Surface Hub.
  • Meeting room systems—Lenovo and HP join existing partners Logitech, Crestron, and Polycom to transform the conference room experience with rich audio, HD video, center-of-room control, and one-touch join. All Skype Room Systems will support Teams meetings.
  • Connections to existing equipment—Teams will certify new solutions from BlueJeans, Pexip, and Polycom to support interoperability for meetings in Teams with existing hardware investments.
  • Desk and conference phones—New desk phones from AudioCodes and Yealink—and new conference room phones from Crestron, Polycom, and Yealink—run a native Teams application for consistent and streamlined calling experiences.
  • Mobile phone stations—New mobile phone stations from Plantronics combine the Teams experience with desk phone capabilities for the mobile user.

Growing ecosystem of Teams apps

No ecosystem would be complete without the apps that make it thrive. We recently released a new store in Teams featuring a wide array of tools and services from our partners. Some of the most popular apps among Teams customers include Adobe Creative Cloud, Hootsuite, InVision, Polly, SurveyMonkey, Trello, Wrike,, and many others.

Contact us for a Demo of Microsoft Teams today!

Are you looking for an Office 365 Partner to update your company?

We’ve been working with SharePoint for 18 years

SharePoint is a fantastic tool that you can use to simplify your business processes and collaborate more effectively. For over 10 years, we’ve been helping customers set up SharePoint, and during this time we’ve managed to truly
hone the process. We can now bundle core components together to lower the investment you need to make on your intranet, from set-up costs to user training.

team photo

You don’t need to start from scratch

Creating an intranet from scratch can be time-consuming, expensive and frankly a bit of a waste of time. Our SharePoint intranet specialists start with our packaged solution so we tailor all of your essential intranet functions from the word go for a quick ROI, implementing or developing added features as you scale up.

Our SharePoint consulting service is designed to ensure your new integrations are used to their full effect. We’ll train and support your team, enabling them to start collaborating right away.

Learn with the ultimate #PowerBI certification prep study buddy! Our experienced instructors will get you ready for 70-778.

Are you prepping for the Power BI Certification test, 70-778?  Don’t go it alone!  Get prepared.  Our first training group begins in October 2017, and sessions will continue after that.  For more information, click here.

Not sure about studying online? Learn from a live instructor in our #PowerBI Certification Test Prep course.

Learn from real world experienced instructors. Sign up today for our October #PowerBI certification prep course.

Would you like to generate Intranet Personas ?

Understanding how your staff work (or currently have difficulty in working) is vital to producing or updating your corporate Intranet.  Developing user personas is a key tool for decision makers to utilize when planning what features and functions need to be available to maximize value and return on investment for your Intranet budget.  Not only is this tool of value to determine what requirements cascade across your entire organization, it also aides in understanding what requirements are needed only for subsets of your organization.

Try out our persona survey here to see if how it can help your organization develop a solution that maps to your true needs.

Dawning of the Age of Trade Secrets

Why this is the #1 threat to today’s successful companies

The headlines just keep coming!

  • “Waymo, the self-driving car company that began at Google, is suing Uber in a stunning suit”
  • “Oculus lawsuit ends with half billion dollar judgment awarded to ZeniMax”
  • “Zillow to pay $130M to settle lawsuit with Move over alleged trade secret theft”

Just about every week there’s breaking news of another high-profile, trade secrets dispute, major cases entangling tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees, damages, business disruption, negative PR, employee and management uncertainty, loss of shareholder value, and more.

In some cases, such as with the recent Waymo v. Uber lawsuit, the stakes can even be potentially existential for a company. For if the court ultimately enjoins and restrains Uber and forces them to exit or restart from scratch their autonomous car development, this would be a catastrophic blow to those efforts and perhaps the company at large.

The financial risks and losses keep escalating!

And the FBI estimates that IP theft accounts for $500 billion to $600 billion in lost sales domestically, while companies lose market share, suffer reputational damage and see their unique competitive advantages compromised.

Quite troublingly, there is one common denominator that cuts across virtually all these trade secrets suits and incidents: With proactive management, they would have been preventable.

Lax oversight and a dependency on stale, reactive legal documents over active, engaged, consistent management and modernized, secure information systems created a vacuum for problems like these to spawn.

We are now clearly in a trade secrets-driven economy where the success of your company will be increasingly predicated on how effectively you manage, safeguard, control dissemination, account for, assess value, and successfully leverage your know-how and trade secrets.

As CEO, a fiduciary member of the board, CFO or CIO, protecting and safeguarding these vital assets should be a critical executive priority for your business.

Please take our survey to receive an overall assessment of your current environment and a gauge of how effectively you are managing and stewarding your company’s most valuable assets.

Contact us about our IP Armor solution, our comprehensive solution for protecting your company.

IP Armor

Don’t wait until you’re in court to determine if your information qualifies as an asset. Develop your Trade Secret Asset Management Program today.



Help us help you. Consider assigning Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record

Your organization can benefit from adding Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record.

The days of hardware/software “transactional” partners are coming to a screeching halt. Quite frankly, your business deserves more out of their Microsoft Partner. The Partner of Record you choose for your Microsoft subscriptions should provide tangible value to your organization, which at the end of the day means saving you money and helping your business become more agile, robust and efficient.  That’s why we became a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP).

Selecting a Partner of Record for your subscription costs you nothing!
It is all upside with no risk to your business.

We highly encourage you to base your decision to designate a Partner of Record on the overall “value” that a partner provides.

Selecting Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) provides us with access to usage and consumption data, which allows the us to better serve you and help you perfect your use of Microsoft services for your desired business outcome. It also assists us towards finding relevant Microsoft and 3rd party incentives which can be a real financial bonus to you.

Guide to setting Green IT as your Digital Partner of Record for Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, and Enterprise Mobility Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Digital Partner of Record?
The Digital Partner of Record for an Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, or Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription is the partner who is helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage a solution that they’ve built on the service. It is not the partner who sold the subscription.

What are the benefits of becoming a Digital Partner of Record?
Partners benefit because it enables them to qualify for Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) cloud competencies and enable reporting that provides a single view into the revenue, usage, and consumption driven by you at your customers. This insight can also be leveraged by partners for cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and allows partners to proactively engage customers at risk for non-renewal.

Customers benefit because it provides the partner access to usage and consumption data, so they can provide better service and help customers optimize their usage for their desired business outcomes.

Who can attach a Digital Partner of Record?
The administrator role, also known as the owner, is the only role within the customer’s tenant or account that can attach a Digital Partner of Record. Service admins, co-admins, and partners designated as delegated admins do not have the ability to change the Partner of Record.

When should a Partner of Record be added to a for Office 365, CRM Online, Intune or EMS subscription?
Microsoft recommends a Digital Partner of Record be assigned to subscriptions right away. Digital Partners of Record can also be assigned for Azure subscriptions in the admin portal for that service.

Customers should follow these step-by-step instructions to add a Digital Partner of Record to their subscription.

  1. Go to the Office Customer Portal at
  2. Log into their account using their user name and password.
  3. In the left navigation pane, select Billing, then Subscriptions.
  4. Select their subscription and click on More actions in the bottom right corner under the price per user/month.
  5. In the More actions drop down menu,click on Add Partner of Record. This is where they will attach their Partner of Record.
  6. Ensure the customer has your Microsoft Partner ID so they can input it for Digital Partner of Record.
  7. Click Check ID to see the name of the partner. Verify they have selected the correct partner, and click Submit to complete assigning their Partner of Record. Green IT’s ID is 2932684.
  8. After you assign Green IT as your Partner of Record, they will receive an email notification that lets them know that they have been assigned as your Digital Partner of Record.

To change or remove your Partner of Record

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 outlined above.
  2. In the More actions drop down menu, click on Edit Partner of Record.
  3. On the Partner information local pane, the Partner of Record ID assigned to the subscription will be shown. Click the “X” inside of the field to remove it.
  4. Click Submit. The Partner of Record has now been removed for this account and the subscription no longer has a Partner of Record.

Evaluating Office 365

We can help with evaluating Office 365, performing a Office 365 Proof of Concept or Office 365 Pilot. We also assist with selecting the best subscription program for Office 365 or licensing vehicle if you already have a Microsoft volume licensing agreement. Let us do the legwork to perform the TCO/ROI analysis that your organization will need when evaluating a move to the cloud.

Deploying Office 365

We help determine the best way to deploy Office 365: by performing an Office 365 Proof-of-Concept or standing up a free-trial. Our certified engineers assist with all phases of the migration cycle, from planning to deployment. Whether it is developing a migration strategy for your IT team to deploy, or performing the migration remotely, or on-Green IT’s engineering team has the necessary expertise and experience.

Post-Sales Support for Office 365

Once you are an Office 365 customer, Green IT’s services continue to be available to you. We offer training webinars on Office 365 for admins and end-users, customized to your business’ needs. We also help set up the initial SharePoint sites within Office 365 at no additional cost. And throughout the experience, Green IT’s Help Desk subscription can offer 24×7 support on Office 365 for technical challenges, trouble-shooting, product assistance, or provisioning support.

How does Green IT being a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) benefit our customers?

Customers can more easily purchase partner tools, products, and/or services with their subscription in one predictable monthly bill. Beyond the inherent benefits of the cloud, our customers will have more frequent partner interactions which can serve to deepen the relationship. Studies show that 67% of customers expect to purchase a wide variety of cloud services from a single vendor and 84% of customers want an established relationship with a vendor to trust them as their Cloud Service Provider*.

For additional support:

If you have any problems or questions about this process and the ability to assign, maintain, and change and remove a Partner of Record, click Support on the left navigation pane of the Office 365 admin center to get access to Technical and Billing support and to find support options and recommendations.

For other questions please contact Green IT at (425) 242-3378 or write to .

*IDC Successful Cloud Partners 2013, IDC Buying Into the Cloud 2014, 2014 Forrester TRUE Brand compass

Green IT Consulting, LLC Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner

For Release [12:01] a.m. [PST]
07/08, 2015

Green IT Consulting, LLC Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner
Green IT Consulting LLC earns distinction through commitment to academic customers. 




Redmond, WA— July, 7, 2016: Today, Green IT Consulting, announced it is now a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP), demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AEP authorization, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise.

The AEP program is designed to train participating resellers on Microsoft’s Academic licensing, authorize them to purchase and resell Microsoft Academic licenses, and demonstrate to potential customers that they are approved and kno
wledgeable academic partners.

Ted Green, founder and CEO of Green IT Consulting stated, “This Microsoft AEP authorization shows our commitment and specialism in the academic IT marketplace and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft and its academic products”. He also added, “We hope to accelerate our academic customers’ successes by serving as technology advisors for their IT requirements.”

“By becoming AEPs, partners show themselves to be committed and trained in providing discounted Microsoft academic products to the education market,” said Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector. “This authorization, along with our other education partner initiatives, gives our partners recognition of their areas of expertise and our academic customers the confidence that they are buying from academic IT specialists.”

The Microsoft AEP Program is designed to authorize and equip organizations that deliver academic products and services through the Microsoft platform with the training, resources and support they need to provide their customers with superior experiences and outcomes.

Green IT builds, customizes, manages, and maintain your company on the Microsoft Platforms  that your people connect, share information and ideas, views, and opinions of the real time state of your business.  We do so on a subscription basis.

Our services include these important functions, which are:

  • Quickly deploy POC’s of industry based SharePoint and Project sites
  • Deploy BI Insights and Dashboards to give CxOs’ the true state of the business
  • Provision Applications, Server, and Services to the cloud
  • Deployment of customer process through forms and workflows
  • Manage, maintain, and support your subscriptions to Microsoft’s products

For more information, press only: 

Swapna Kadam, Green IT Consulting, LLC, (425) 242-3378,
Ted Green, Green IT Consulting, (425) 947-8059,

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